Tool: Cheesecake Pan System


Cheesecake is my absolute all-time favorite dessert. I was always afraid to make one on my own. Baking to me always seemed like a bit of strange, mysterious chemistry process and I was more of a throw everything in a crock pot or casserole kind of person. But I loved cheesecake and was tired of paying a lot of money for sometimes not so good cake. So, I was glad to hear about this gadget and went to the website. I learned that in order to make a dense, creamy rich cheesecake (my preference) it needs to be cooked in a water bath. This keeps the cake at a consistent temperature all the way through while it cooks gently and evenly.
This thing is called the Perfect Cheesecake System. It's a silicone gadget with handles to hold your 9 inch spring form pan. It works like this: You put your spring form pan containing your cheese cake in this protector, then lower the whole thing into a water bath and bake it in the oven. It's a lot easier than putting aluminum foil around the edges of your spring form, with foil sometimes you can get a leak and ruin your cake. It stays cool to the touch, so no burns when taking it out of the oven.
There's a whole kit (including pan and recipe cards) that this comes with giving you tips on how to make a great cheesecake and toppings from scratch.
I like it because I know exactly what I'm putting in my dessert, and can change up the flavors. My husband and friends loved the cake I made. It was really easy to do and it turned out great at my first attempt.
Other things that you can make in this are Croissant Bread Pudding, Flourless Chocolate Cake (gluten free) and Deep Dish Quiche.
Here's where you get one:
There's a video on that page that gives a quick highlight of all the steps to make your cake using your "condom".
Hint: When removing the cheesecake I lift the silicone protector out of the water bath and leave the water filled roasting pan in the oven to cool. That way I don't risk spilling hot water all over the kitchen or myself. This gadget is reusable and eco-friendly too. Plus I can roll it up in and stash it in a drawer so it doesn't take up much room. Really like this thing a lot.


Other names: Perfect Cheesecake System
Translations: Biezpienmaizīte Pan Prezervatīvu, Sernik Visos prezervatyvus, Placinta Pan Condom, Cheesecake Pan Kondom, Cheesecake Pan Bao cao su, Sernik Pan Condom, चीज़केक कंडोम पान, Чизкейк Пан презервативов, Τσεισκέικ Pan Προφυλακτικό, كعكة الجبن عموم الواقي الذكري, 치즈 케이크는 콘돔을 팬, Tvarohový koláč Pan Kondom, Cheesecake Pan Kondom, Keyk na keso Pan condom, 芝士潘安全套, Pa de formatge del condó, Kolač od sira Pan kondomov, Tvarohový koláč Pán Kondóm, עוגת גבינה פאן קונדום, Ostkaka Pan Condom, Цхеесецаке Пан Кондом, チーズケーキは、コンドームをパン, Gâteau au fromage Pan Condom, Ostekake Pan Condom, Pan de queso del condón, Чізкейк Пан презервативів, Juustokakku Pan Condom, Пай Пан Кондом


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