Tool: Footed Rocks Glass


Rocks glasses are usually used for whiskey and gin-based cocktails, though sometimes also for bourbon and scotch. Rocks glasses got their name as most of these drinks are served "on the rocks" or over ice. A footed rocks glass has a short stemmed base.


Translations: Kukaiņu Rocks Stikla, Kojis Rocks Stiklas, Salopeta Rocks sticlă, Footed Rocks staklo, Chân Rocks Glass, Stąpający Glass Rocks, Footed Rocks Glas, पैर Rocks ग्लास, Vidro Pedras Footed, Footed стекла Рокс, Footed Glass Rocks, القدمين الصخور زجاج, 빠른 록스 유리, Nožce Rocks sklo, Стопала Камење стакла, Paa Rocks Glass, 玻璃扩底岩, Pedres de vidre amb peu, Stopala Rocks Glass, Nôžke Rocks sklo, זכוכית סלעים רגל, Fotad Rocks Glas, Berkaki Rocks Glass, 足ロックスガラス, Pattes de verre Rocks, Leichtfüßig Rocks Glass, Piedras de cristal con pie, Footed скла Рокс, Jalkainen Rocks Glass, Крачета скали стъкло



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