Tool: Tea Bag Squeezer


This is just a nifty way to squeeze your tea bag to get the most from it & not have to use a spoon or fingers (which sometimes results in a broken bag causing flotsam in your otherwise lovely cup of tea).


Translations: Tējas maisiņu spiede, Arbatos maišelį Squeezer, Ceai Bag Storcator de, Tea Bag mengele, Trà Túi ép, चाय थैला निचोड़ने का यंत्र, Чай сумка соковыжималка, Τσάι τσάντα Squeezer, كيس الشاي العصارة, 차 가방 압착기, Tea Bag ždímací, Teh Bag pemeras, Tea Bag limon, 挤压式茶叶袋, Tea Bag Espremedora, Tea Bag Mengele, Tea Bag žmýkacie, תה תיק Squeezer, Tepåse Squeezer, Чај Торба Менгеле, ティーバッグ絞り, Teebeutel-Squeezer, Tea Bag squeezer, Tea Bag Exprimidor, Чай сумка соковитискач, Teepussi Squeezer, Чай чанта Squeezer



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