Tool: Cook's Thesarus


Don't know if this is a "tool" or not but I use it on a regular basis. And it's FREE.

The Cook’s Thesaurus – It’s a great place to learn more on just about any food. I found it when I was trying to find a source for cheese substitutes. For example, enter Gruyere and you are taken to “Semi-Firm Cheeses.” Scroll down to Gruyere and it tells how it’s made and then lists substitutes: Emmentaler OR Jarlsberg OR Appenzell OR raclette OR Swiss cheese. How’s that for help!


Translations: Bucatari Thesarus, Cook Thesarus, Kucharza Thesarus, कुक की Thesarus, Thesarus Cook, Кука Thesarus, Thesarus Κουκ, كوك Thesarus, 요리의 Thesarus, Cook je Thesarus, Cook Thesarus, 库克的Thesarus, Thesarus Cook, Thesarus Cook, Cook je Thesarus, Cook Thesarus, קוק Thesarus, Cooks Thesarus, Кук је Тхесарус, クックのThesarus, Cook dictionnaires professionelles, Thesarus Cook, Кука Thesarus, Кук Thesarus



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