Tool: Porcelain Baker


Various sized casserole dishes that are versitile pieces for preparing food efficiently and serving at the table, keeping your preparation hot.


Translations: Porcelāna Baker, Porceliano Baker, Porţelan Baker, Porculan Baker, Sứ Baker, Baker porcelany, Porselein Baker, चीनी मिट्टी के बरतन बेकर, Porcelana Baker, Фарфор Бейкер, Πορσελάνη Baker, الخزف بيكر, 도자기 베이커, Porcelán Baker, Losa Baker, 瓷贝克, Porcellana Baker, Porcelan Baker, Porcelán Baker, Porcellana Baker, פורצלן בייקר, Porslin Baker, Порцелан Бејкер, 磁器ベイカー, Porcelaine Baker, Porzellan Baker, Porcelæn Baker, Porselen Baker, Porcelana Baker, Фарфор Бейкер, Posliini Baker, Порцелан Бейкър



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