Tool: Flame-Top Clay Tagine


The best tagine we've tested, crafted of clay, which is ideal for Moroccan cooking and other dishes. Unique flame-top clay browns and slow cooks food beautifully, and can be used with electric, gas and halogen stovetops and ovens (up to 500F). Safe for mi


Other names: Flame Top Clay Tagine
Translations: Liesmu Top Clay Tagine, Liepsnos Top Clay tagine, Argila Flame-Top Tagine, Plamen-Top Glina Tagine, Flame-Top Clay tagine, लौ टॉप क्ले tagine, Clay Chama-Top Tagine, Пламя-Top Клей Tagine, Φλόγα-Top Clay Tagine, طين لهب - الأعلى طاجين, 불꽃 - 톱 클레이 Tagine, Flame-Top Clay tagine, Clay Flame-Top Tagine, Ningas-Top Clay Tagine, 火焰顶部粘土Tagine, Fang Truca-Top Tagine, Flame-Top Clay tagine, Clay Fiamma-Top Tagine, קליי הלהבה למעלה Tagine, Пламен-Топ Глина Тагине, 炎トップクレイはタジン, Clay Flame Top-Tagine, Flame-toppen Clay Tagine, Barro Llama-Top Tagine, Полум'я-Top Клей Tagine, Liekki-Top Clay Tagine, Пламък-Top Глина Tagine



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