Tool: Demy


The Demy ™ is the first and only kitchen-safe digital recipe reader that will revolutionize the way you cook. The Demy ™ holds your personal recipe collection in one compact, sleek device. Featuring a high-resolution color touchscreen , an uncluttered interface and many special tools to make any cook’s job easier.
Now you can have all of your personal, favorite and road tested recipes right at your fingertips - all available in your kitchen; store up to 2500 of your recipes.
The Demy only takes up as much space as a 5 x 7 card. Still need more space? Stand your Demy on end. The screen flips automatically , and it only takes up the space of a 3 x 5 card!
The splash-resistant design and sturdy plastic exterior make it easy to clean . Spills easily wipe off the sealed touchscreen with a damp cloth.
Accessing your recipes has never been easier. Jump to any letter in your recipe collection with just one tap.
Tap Demy's "Font Size" button and enlarge text until your eyes are comfortable.
Making a brunch or a complex holiday meal? Simply find each recipe you want and add it to your Short List. They'll be waiting for you on a short list that you can easily flip through as you cook.
The Demy comes with three built-in timers! No need to juggle cooking times. The Demy timers will notify you with flashes and tones as each cooking time expires.
The Demy's conversion tool will quickly convert your portions from one measurement to another .
Ingredient Substitutions:  Quickly access a list of ingredient substitutions that will save the day.


Other names: Cookbook Storage, Digital Recipe Reader, Digital Cookbook, Digital Reader
Translations: Papīra formāts, ドゥミ, ديمي, Démami, 장학생, Ukuran kertas, Cở giấy in, דמי, Формат бумаги, Sukat ng papel, कागज़ का आकार, Формат паперу, 德米, Полу, Формат хартия

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