Tool: Perforated Spatula


The wide, slightly rounded blade on a perforated spatulas allows meat, fish, or pancakes to be turned over with ease. The perforated spatula will drain any liquid or fat before serving, making it perfect for lasagna or poached filets of fish.


Translations: Perforēti Lāpstiņa, Perforuoti Mentelė, Perforate spatulă, Perforirani Lopatica, Đục thìa, Perforowane Łopatka, Geperforeerde Spatula, छिद्रित रंग, Espátula perfurada, Лопатка перфорированная, Διάτρητα Σπάτουλα, مثقب أداة البسط, 구멍 주걱, Perforované Stěrka, Berlubang Spatula, Butas-butas Spatula, 冲孔蜥, Espàtula perforada, Perforirana lopatico, Perforované Stierka, Perforato Spatola, מנוקב מרית, Perforerad Spatula, Перфорирана лопатица, 穿孔へら, Spatule perforée, Perforierte Spatel, Perforerede Spatel, Perforert Spatula, Espátula perforada, Лопатка перфорована, Rei'itetty Lasta, Перфорирани Лопатка



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