Tool: Spice Grater


A spice grater is a kitchen utensil used to grate spices into powder form.

Freshly grated spices are way better compared to the pre-ground spices.

Spices like cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg are popular items best ground in a spice grater.


Translations: Spice Lielāks, Prieskonių Trintuvė, Spice răzătoare, Spice rende, Spice grater, Spice Tarka, Spice Rasp, स्पाइस grater, Spice Терка, Spice τρίφτης, التوابل المبشارة, 스파이스 강판, Spice Struhadlo, Spice parut, Spice kudkuran, 辣妹格雷特, Spice Ratllador, Spice Rende, Spice Strúhadlo, Spice Grattugia, ספייס מגרדת, Spice Rivjärn, Зачин ренде, スパイスグレーター, Spice Râpe, Spice Reibe, Spice Rivejern, Spice Rivjern, Spice Rallador, Spice Терка, Spice Raastin, Спайс ренде




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