Tool: Laguiole Cheese Spreader


Laguiole knives are a high-quality traditional Occitan knife, originally produced in the town of Laguiole in the Aveyron region of southern France. Now, many types of flatware are made, such cheese spreaders, a tool used to spread soft cheeses.


Translations: Laguiole Siers Izklāšanas, Laguiole Sūris Barstytuvas, Laguiole Brânză împrăştiere, Laguiole Sir Posipač, Laguiole Cheese trải vải, Rozsiewacz Cheese Laguiole, Laguiole Kaas strooier, लैगुइओल पनीर प्रसारित, Laguiole Spreader Queijo, Laguiole Сыр Разбрасыватель, Laguiole Spreader Τυρί, اجيول الجبن الموزعة, 라귀이욜의 치즈 확장기, Laguiole Sýry rozmetadlem, Laguiole Penyebar Keju, Laguiole的奶酪吊具, Escampador de formatge Laguiole, Laguiole Sir posipača, Laguiole Syry rozmetadlo, Laguiole Formaggio Spreader, Laguiole פיזור גבינה, Laguiole Ost spridare, Лагуиоле Сир разбацивања, ライヨールチーズスプレッダー, Épandeur de fromage Laguiole, Laguiole Käse-Spreader, Laguiole Ost Spreader, Laguiole Ost spreder, Esparcidor de queso Laguiole, Laguiole Сир Розкидувач, Laguiole Juusto Levitin, Laguiole сирене Разпределител



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