Tool: Laguiole Etched Glass Carafe


Laguiole is known for knives, specifically a high-quality traditional Occitan knife, originally produced in the town of Laguiole in the Aveyron region of southern France.
Also produced now is glassware with delicate etch work that highlights wine and other beverages beautifully.


Other names: Etched Glass Carafe
Translations: Laguiole iegravēti stikla karafe, Laguiole Išgraviruotas stiklo grafinas, Laguiole sticla sablata Carafe, Laguiole Etched Staklo bokal, Laguiole Glass Etched bình, Karafka Szkło trawione Laguiole, Laguiole geëtst glas Karaf, लैगुइओल etched ग्लास पिचर, Laguiole jarra de vidro gravado, Laguiole Вдавленный Графин стекло, Laguiole χαραγμένο Καράφα γυαλί, اجيول الدورق الزجاجي المحفور, 라귀이욜 새기 유리 주병, Laguiole leptané sklo Karafa, Picer Laguiole Terukir Kaca, Laguiole Etched Glass pitsel, 拉吉奥勒蚀刻玻璃水瓶, Laguiole gerra de vidre gravat a l'àcid, Laguiole jedkano steklo Bokal, Laguiole leptané sklo Karafa, Laguiole Caraffa vetro acidato, Laguiole קנקן הזכוכית פניו חצובה, Laguiole etsat glas Karaff, Лагуиоле Угравирани Глас бокал, ライヨールエッチングガラスカラフ, Carafe en verre dépoli Laguiole, Laguiole geätztem Glas Karaffe, Laguiole Ætset glaskanden, Laguiole Etset glasskannen, Laguiole jarra de vidrio grabado al ácido, Laguiole вдавлений Графин скло, Laguiole Etsattu lasikannu, Laguiole гравиран гарафа стъкло



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