Tool: Round Chafing Dish


A type of server for vegetables, hors d'oeuvres and side dishes. The lid of the round chafing dish stays open at any angle and rolls completely back.


Translations: Kārta takelāžas Dish, Apskrito nenutrintų Indaplovės, Runda Chafing Dish, Okrugli Chafing Dish, Vòng Chafing Dish, Round Pas Dish, Ronde Chafing Dish, दौर Chafing डिश, Круглые жаровни, Γύρος επιτραπέζια θερμάστρα, الجولة الغضب صحن, 구분 죽네 접시, Kolo tření misky, Luka Round Dish, Round Chafing ulam, 圆火锅, Ronda Chafing Dish, Round drgnjenja Dish, Kolo trenie misky, סיבוב הגשה מנחושת, Round VÄRMEPLATTA, Округли Цхафинг антене, ラウンドフッ素加工ディッシュ, Runde Chafing Dish, Ronda Chafing Dish, Круглі жаровні, Round lämpöalusta, Кръгла износени Dish




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