Tool: Wall Oven


An oven is a kitchen appliance used for cooking. A wall oven is a great space saving appliance. Ideally, it is meant to be built in the house, with the cabinets and drawers built in.


Translations: Sienas Krāsns, Wall Orkaitės, Perete cuptor, Wall Pećnica, Wall Lò, Ściany piekarnika, दीवार ओवन, Wall Forno, Стены Духовка, Wall Φούρνος, جدار فرن, 장성 오븐, Stěny trouby, Wall hurno, 炉墙, Forn de paret, Steny rúry, Parete del forno, וול Oven, Wall Ugn, Зид рерне, ウォールオーブン, Four mural, Wall Ovn, Wall Ovn, Horno de pared, Стіни Духовка, Wall Uuni, Стена фурна




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