Tool: French Press


No brewing method extracts more flavor from the precious bean than the French press. Ground coffee is placed in the device, hot water added, then the strainer is pressed down, holding the grounds at the bottom.

To clean, disassemble the plunger and lid from the pot, and soak the pot in warm, soapy water. Rinse and allow to dry completely. Always keep your French press clean so you are ready to enjoy your next cup in a moment's notice.


Translations: Franču Press, Prancūzijos spauda, Franceză de presă, Francuski tisak, Báo chí Pháp, Prasa francuska, Franse pers, फ्रेंच प्रेस, Francês Press, Французской прессе, Γαλλικά Πατήστε, وكالة الصحافة الفرنسية, 프랑스어 보도 자료, Francouzské novináře, Француски за штампу, Pranses Pindutin ang, 法国新闻, Francès de Premsa, Francoski Press, Francúzske novinára, Stampa francese, העיתונות הצרפתית, Fransk press, Prancis Tekan, フランスプレス, La presse française, Französisch Presse, Fransk Press, Fransk Press, Francés de Prensa, Французькій пресі, Ranskan lehdistössä, Френската преса




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