Tool: Panini Press


A panini press assists in the making of hot grilled panini (Italian grilled sandwiches) or crisp flavorful bruschetta. The panini press is a ribbed cast iron plate that works in conjunction with a skillet grill to produce top and bottom searing simultaneously. Can be used to expel excess fat for a delicious low-fat dish.


Translations: Panini Τύπου, Panini Spauda, بانيني الصحافة, Panini Tlač, Panini Comunicat de presă, Panini 보도 자료, Panini Tisk, Panini העיתונות, Панини за штампу, Druk op Panini, パニーニプレス, Panini प्रेस, Panini Prensa, Прес Панин, 三明治新闻, Пресс Панини, Panini Premsa, Panini Прес



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