New Year's Seafood Feast (Part II)

January 2, 2008

dungeness crab

On our way back from an enjoyable 2-day retreat at the Real Del Mar in Mexico we stopped by Point Loma Seafoods (an in-the-marina fish market in San Diego) to buy provisions for our New Year's seafood feast. Live Dungeness crab, tombo ahi fillets, smoked tuna and mussels were meticulously selected and sniffed out by Barnaby's father, Ron, who posesses the nose of a prized hound dog on big hunt. We began our culinary féte with champagne and caviar (see Part I), then moved to the deck to watch the Christmas lit boats in Marina Del Rey. It was a wonderful evening filled with family, promises of New Year resolutions, and plates full of Neptune's bounty. Happy New Year to you all!

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