One Sick Tomato...

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June 30, 2008

I miss the days when our food was safe to eat. What is going on!? Last year it was packaged spinach, now it's tomatoes. It's said that salmonella, the big wave that's rocking the boat, is caused by fecal matter. Fecal matter! In layman's terms: poop. Now that just gives a crappy meal a whole new meaning.

How fast can we get some Honey Buckets out to the fields?

Just one more reason to grow your own veggies...



Florian's picture

Here is the right vessel (??) [read: mug] to enjoy your veggies:

Before Monsanto and artificial fertilizers, farmers used what the farm animals produced in "fecal matter" - known as manure to fertilize in spring. I guess salmonella was not invented at that time?

I would be more concerned with workers in the storage and transport chain who are limited to a bio-break every second day and need to find a solution for their needs.

Carla's picture

I thought you were sick :-)

Melanie D's picture

What is this? a pumpkin or a tomato? what's happening to the world?!