Grilled Polenta With Exotic Mushroom Rub

July 27, 2008

Polenta is one of my favorite comfort foods. Nothing beats a heaping bowl of this peasant food made rich with cream, parmesan or gorgonzola (to name a few!). But when in its cooled and solid form, it's perfect for grilling.

Making polenta can be a long, arduous, and painful process. If you're not careful it will bubble and burst in molten eruptions, so if you want to keep it quick and simple - and your arms free of burn blisters - I recommend using the premade polenta "logs," which can be found in most supermarkets. In our pantry we have a stack of Seattle restaurateur Tom Douglas' wonderful Rub With Love spice rubs. The one I reached for to rub on my polenta was his Exotic Mushroom Rub, which consists of porcini mushrooms, garlic, herbes de Provence, smoked paprika, and a few other tasty ingredients. This rub is fantastic on vegetables, meat and chicken, and was heavenly on grilled polenta.

Grilled Polenta With Exotic Mushroom Rub
Slice polenta into 1/2 inch rounds and generously rub the mushroom blend on both sides.
Drizzle or spray with olive oil and place on a medium-high grill for about 4 minutes on each side.
Remove when slices lose their firmness and feel soft.



[eatingclub] vancouver || js's picture

Mushroom rub sounds exotic indeed. I love the idea of putting it on grilled polenta! Just yummy.

Mitch's picture

Pardon my ignorance, but what is Polenta? The description looks so yummy that i wanna know what it is.

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