Hunger Awareness Week Day 2

April 22, 2009

Well, technically it's Day 3, but unfortunately I've been pulling near all-nighters at work, so writing has been challenging to say the least! But we did eat last night, I just fell asleep before I could write! Apologies.

We went to our favorite Latino market in White Center called Carniceria El Paisano for provisions. We purchased a half pound of puerco en adobo (pork in a spicy marinade) for $1.98, a can of black refried beans for $.99, a big bag of corn tortillas for $1.69, and a bottle of hot sauce for $.89.

Then we headed over to a Vietnamese market for veggies. They had a 6-foot table with loaded with baggies of fruits and vegetables in their last days - all for $1.00! A big bag of limes, one filled with tomatoes (perfect for a huge batch of sauce), nectarines, etc. You'd never see that at a Safeway! Granted, the food would need to be cooked, frozen or eaten within probably a day, but still quite the savings.

We purchased four Key limes for $.18, an onion for $.39, a half pound of nopalitos (cactus) for roughly $.75, a beautiful head of lettuce for $.79, and a big bunch of gorgeous cilantro for $.39. Grand total for dinner: $8.05. Since we had the Turkey Dal leftovers for lunch, and yogurt and bananas for breakfast, we actually saved a bit of our food dollars today.

Here's how we prepared our Mexican meal: Barnaby grilled the nopalitos and puerco en adobo, and since they are both so thin they cooked up in a flash. I had the easy job of heating up the refried beans and chopping up all the cilantro, onions and limes. We made street-style tacos filled with the pork, onions, cilantro, fresh lime juice and a squeeze of hot sauce. Tasty!



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curiousdomestic's picture

Nice job with the food budget! I wish I could get deals like that here.

alice's picture

Your dinner looks wonderful!

????'s picture

It looks so delicious...

Chowhound's picture

Wow! You make such amazing food for so little amount of money, how is that possible? I'm really interested now. I do a $20 dinner club with 6 people in it and we always break the budget. Your food looks awesome.

Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.'s picture

hmmm... and I buy pork chops for $7 per pound at Whole Foods... no markets on the Eastside, only in spring and summer, and they are as expensive as WF! Markets for the elite.

Julie's picture

Fantastic recipe! I just love all of the flavors you described.

Melissa @ For the Love of Health's picture

What a fabulous website! Your photography is amazing! I am definitely bookmarking this site!

June's picture

Wow! That's awesome! Wish we had markets like that around here, especially for fresh produce!! Love your site, keep up the good work!