Thanksgiving Ice Creams Spice Up Dessert

November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving is a holiday of tradition, all the way to dessert.  Even when something adventurous is attempted for the last course, a pumpkin and pecan pie tend to accompany regardless.

There is, however, still a way to keep them interesting - with the ice cream you top them with.  There is an answer to the timeless dilemma aside from "a small piece of each".  Go with the pumpkin, and top it with a maple pecan ice cream.  Try the pecan, add a dollop of pumpkin ice cream.

Ready to be daring?  Put ginger ice cream with either of the old classics or on apple pie.   And if you're just not a pie person, or one who's just in the mood for something a bit tart, a bowl of cranberry ice cream might be the way to go.