14 great single-topic blogs

April 24, 2010

Some of the most entertaining food blogs out there tackle just one topic-- and tackle it well. These become all the more fascinating because most of us do not have the diligence, dedication or focus to write a single-topic blog; our culinary ADD means we can barely stick to one cuisine, let alone one microcosm of the food pyramid. Here are 14 great single-topic blogs. While there are blogs floating around in cyberspace that chronicle the quest to find the best donuts, fish tacos, cookies, etc., most of the blogs below represent the desire to create, not just review. The others made the list because of their sheer awesomeness. We salute these bloggers who not only cook the same foods day after day-- they eat them as well.

Offal and cheeks may be catching up, but bacon remains the hottest meat on the internet.  Bacon Unwrapped has been posting about this cured wonder since 2005.

Bento has gained in popularity over the bast few years, leading to many blogs on the topic. However, AnnaTheRed's Bento Factory takes bento cuteness to levels of adorability we didn't think were possible for mere mortals to achieve.

Combine a clever title and in-depth knowledge of the world's favorite way to eat mold, and what do you get? It's not you, it's Brie

Cilantro hatred
For some people, cilantro adds heavenly flavor to savory dishes. For others, eating cilantro brings back unwelcome childhood memories of having their pottymouths washed with soap. I hate cilantro raises awareness of this phenomenon (which is most likely genetic-- so don't disrespect, cilantro lovers!).

There are many cupcake blogs on the internets, many of them very good. However, Ming Makes Cupcakes' simple, clean design, stunning photography, and intriguing flavor combinations (such as Port Wine and Cherry Chocolate with Mascarpone frosting) make it the choice for this list.

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Bread and cheese: two of man's most favorite foods. Combined with fire, they create a comfort staple dating back almost to the Neanderthals. However, the least-worthy grilled versions of each (American cheese and Wonderbread) have become the standard. Grilled Shane asks us to Imagine a different world of grilled cheese in his blog.

Ice cream
Ice cream cools us on a hot day, soothes our soul after a bad day, and temps our sweet teeth on any day. Ice cream Alchemy's churned dairy creations make Ben and Jerry's Phish Food look like actual fish food.

What do you do with collection of unique jello molds? If you're the Jello Mistress of Brooklyn, you make fancy gelatin desserts!

Microwave cooking
When most of us think "microwave cooking," we think popcorn, reheating leftovers, or Lean Cuisine. However, 100% Microwave Cooking proves you don't need a stove or oven to make tasty home-cooked meals. Nuke 'em!

Mushrooms have one of the most cult-like followings of all produce, and The Mushroom channel celebrates the many ways to prepare the glorious fungi among us.

What is it about a hot grill that transforms a mere sandwich into an epic dining experience? Panini Happy chronicles one woman's adventures with her panini maker.

Pizza allegiances make or break friendships in some parts of the country (we're looking at you, Chicago and New York) but PizzaBlogger approaches each slice of pie with an open mind. That's amore!

Ok, it's in Japanese, but i-ramen.net tackles the pressing issue of which packet of 39-cent deliciousness is worth your time-- and which ones should be left to the college students who have ruined their taste buds with cheap beer.

Waffle irons
Will it waffle? Thus is the timeless question proposed by the Waffleizer, who sticks everything from hash browns to aloo paratha into a waffle iron.

Do you have a favorite single-topic food blog? Share it below!

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[...] 14 great single-topic blogs [...]

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Thanks for the interesting article, it's great how these blogs focus on their fav topics and continue to keep us well informed.

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[...] 14 great single-topic blogs [...]

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[...] 14 great single-topic blogs [...]

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