5 Weird Soda Flavors

February 28, 2011

Now that you know how to make your own soda at home, perhaps you're looking for some flavors to make. I did some research for really unique soda flavors and found five that really set the bar high for odd tastes. Don't drink too much soda though!

1. Pepsi Ice Cucumber: Available for one summer only in Japan, this artificially flavored soda was designed to resemble the refreshing taste of cucumber. Pepsi aimed to sell 200,000 cases over three months. The color was a mint green.

Pepsi Ice Cucumber

2) Dry Lemongrass Soda: Seattle-based Dry Soda makes some unusual soda flavors. Among their options include: lavender, vanilla bean, blood orange and lemongrass. Foods that pair well with this flavor are Asian-inspired foods, sushi, spicy foods and goat cheese, apparently.

3) Jones Soda Bacon Flavor:Must be a Seattle thing. Jones Soda is another company that makes really unique flavored drinks. Among their distinct flavors are gravy and bacon-flavored sodas. I've met people who've tasted them and didn't really like the taste. To each his own though.

4) Enviga: OK, you have me here. This isn't so much unusual for the soda flavoring. Enviga is actually pretty normal with green tea, mixed berry and another flavor. The interesting part is the marketing claim for the product. Drinking 3, 12 oz. cans of it actually burns 60 to 100 calories (according to Nestea, which is a branch of Coca Cola). Shockingly, some health professionals doubt those claims.

5) Inca Kola: Most people freely admit that Inca Kola is an acquired taste. Started in 1935 in Peru by a British ex-patriate, Coca Cola now owns the rights to the company everywhere except for Peru. Having tasted this one myself, the best way to describe it is "liquid bubblegum." It's not horrible, but I don't think I could drink it everything. The drink is flavored with Lemon Verbena.

Photos by iMorpheus/ sekimura/ Jones Soda/ ~Mers/ GothamNurse