Thirsty Thursday: Six Pack for Your Bike

March 24, 2011

Walnut Studios - Bike 6Pack Holder

In a week showcasing beverage portability, it may be a crime to omit this better-than-it-sounds design by Walnut Architecture and Design Studios: the Six Pack Holder aka Frame Cinch. Included in their line of nifty bike accessories are things like like up-cycled leather U-lock holders and the Cedar-Sided Bicycle Seat Trunk, as well as the Bicycle Can Cage ("Bring a can of soda (or beer, or juice) along for the ride. A flat can of Coke has been called the racing cyclist's "secret weapon" - the quick jolt of sugar and caffeine is perfect to get you up the last few hills.") and the interestingly repurposed Frame Cinch (Polo Mallet Holder), seen above.

According to founder Geoffrey Franklin, the cinch was "Originally designed by and for a Hardcourt Bike Polo aficionado, we since learned that this useful item can hold all kinds of things to your bike - why not a six pack?" Eminently practical, even in the absence of polo mallets, the cinch can attach just about anything less than 14" tall to your bike frame. The leather sheath, as well as all of Walnut's products, are hand-stitched from generally recycled leather in their studio in Portland, Oregon. (Is now a bad time to mention bicycles sans top bar - i.e. designed for the fairer sex? Oops, too late.)

Photo from Walnut Studios



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