Thirsty Thursday: Rhubarb Lemon Martini

March 31, 2011

Lemon-Rhubarb Martini

In honor of Orange and Lemon Day and on the heels of our earlier discussion on poisonous produce, this rhubarb themed cocktail seems like a perfect springtime treat. Light and refreshing, this is a non-traditional martini, featuring Limonata soda instead of vermouth and vodka instead of gin. Kim Bingham, over at Lighter and Local shared this awesome recipe for her rhubarb compote and the fabulous cocktail which features it - yum!

Kim's Rhubarb Compote

1 pound rhubarb, cleaned, and sliced

3/4 cup granulated sugar

2 tablespoons unsalted butter

pinch of salt lime or lemon zest (about a teaspoon or so)

Put all ingredients into a saucepan and cook over low-to-medium-low heat until combined. For the cocktail, you want to put this cooked down rhubarb into a food processor and process until smooth. It can be used as-is for baked goods.

Lemon-Rhubarb Martini

Makes: 1 martini

2 teaspoons Kim's Rhubarb Compote

1 ounce high-quality vodka

1/2 cup San Pellegrino Limonata Soda

Place all ingredients into a martini shaker with one ice cube. Shake to combine and pour into a large martini glass, can be served with a lemon twist if you would like.

Photo by Kim Bingham

Source: Lighter and Local



Maris (In Good Taste)'s picture

The combination of these 2 flavors must be awesome. Can't wait to try.