The 10 Most Unusual Bacon Products

April 2, 2011

bacon caramels

Listen...bacon is fantastic and all but... have we gone too far? Beyond breakfast, beyond the BLT, way beyond the Elvis sandwich, it seems we've taken our bacon-centricity to new heights. Here are 10 outrageous bacon products:

  1. Bacon Toothpaste
  2. Bacon Soda
  3. Bacon Lip Balm
  4. Bacon Caramels
  5. Bacon Envelopes
  6. Bacon Dental Floss
  7. Bacon Bar Soap
  8. Effervescent Bacon Drink Tabs
  9. Bacon Bubble Buddy
  10. Bacon Gumballs
  11. BaconAir ...Yes. That's a bacon-flavored oxygen inhaler.

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