People Will Have Sex with Bacon

April 8, 2011

bacon lube

J & D, the creator of such unique products as Bacon Salt, Baconnaise, and Bacon Lip Balm, took the pork obsession to a much more intimate level. Baconlube was the company's most unusual product, a "delicious personal lubricant." Though the product was born as an April Fool's Joke, company reps say that the positive response has been massive. Those eager to sample the sizzle were encouraged to email the company for testers: The company reports that hundreds of emails flooded in, all interested in bringing bacon into the bedroom.

So is it real?

J & D tells us to stay tuned...

We'll keep you updated as the company releases more product details and availability! Check the BaconSaltBlog for more.

***Update: The Baconlube Taste Test!

Photo by J&D