Cupcake Flavored Vodka

April 26, 2011

Underdog Wine & Spirits recently unveiled four premium-quality vodka products flavored like everyone's favorite dessert: cupcakes. Found in bright blue bottles with the flavors of Original, Chiffon, Devil’s Food, and Frosting, Cupcake Vodka says they created the product to meet the "need for a super clean vodka that [customers] would be proud to share with friends."

The vodka's makers start with the "finest" grains and grapes, then distill the product six times in order to achieve a taste that reminds consumers of cupcakes.

The original flavor is 80 proof with the other three flavors coming in at 70 proof. One 750ml bottle of Cupcake Vodka starts at $17.99.

For more, see the official Cupcake Vodka site.

Photo by Cupcake Vodka/ Eva Blue