5 Wacky Food Hats

May 18, 2011

The fashion world has always embraced culinary delights, and these wacky food hats represent some of the most bizarre examples of this phenomenon. Whether your snack of choice is pizza, burgers, sushi or cupcakes, you're sure to find a food hat that tickles your fancy here.

1. Burger Beanie: The Burger Beanie by ProPortional is a wool unisex hat that looks just like a sesame-seed bun packed with beef, lettuce, tomato, cheese, ketchup and mustard. ProPortional has even made a capelet to match the hat for especially chilly nights.

Burger Beanie

2. Cupcake Party Hat: The Cupcake Party Hat by Crayon Fawn is a super-sized fascinator in the shape of a perfect pink cupcake. It's topped with a velvet heart and secures to your head with an elastic band. Crayon Fawn's hats, including this party hat, were recently featured on Good Day LA.

Cupcake Party Hat

3. Breakfast Face Tam Beret: The Breakfast Face tam beret by Jwhiz is a hat for breakfast fans. It features two eggs and a strip of bacon arranged into a smiling face.

Breakfast Face Tam Beret

4. Sushi Pillbox Hat: The Sushi Pillbox Hat by BlueberryBlonde attaches to a headband that you supply via two loops on its underside. It's topped with a sushi roll, a piece of nigiri sushi, wasabi, ginger and a green piece of baran garnish.

Sushi Pillbox Hat

5. Pizza Beret: The Pizza Beret has been making the rounds on the Internet after it was posted on The Clearly Dope, BuzzFeed and the Huffington Post. Although we can't find credit links to the designer who created this stunning toque, it's worth inclusion for the model's fierce face alone.

Pizza Beret




Sarah Chappell's picture

That kid with the pizza hat is baller. I want one.