5 Budget BBQ Tips for Thrifty Thursday

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May 26, 2011

Hosting a holiday BBQ can get expensive with plenty of food and drinks getting consumed. Here are some tips to make your holiday BBQ or picnic memorable and affordable.

Ask your guests to bring a dish, snack, or drink. This will take a considerable burden off of the host, and may even produce a few surprisingly delicious dishes or drinks. 

Buy In Season
Buy seasonal fruit and veggies for salads, kabobs, and desserts. Produce is always cheaper when it's at the peak of it's season. Farmer's markets are an ideal place to pick up local veggies for a fair price. 

Look For Discounts
Check for sales on various cuts of chicken and beef at your local farmers market, butcher, or grocery store. Even grass-fed beef can be found for as low as 6.00$ a pound. That comes to just 2.00$ a burger.

Get Local Fish
The cost of fish also comes down when it's in season, so see what's available in your region. Bonus: make your own catch-of-the-day, if you live near a lake, river, or stream. 

Use What You've Got!
Use your own plates, cups, and bowls. It's not only eco-friendly, but it will save some bucks too. 


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Andie Mitchell's picture

Great tips, Shoshanna! I can't wait to fire up my grill and invite friends over for a cookout :)