Pork Cupcakes by Bourbon Steak Poke Fun at Cupcake Mania

May 27, 2011

The cupcake craze has hit critical mass, and Bourbon Steak chef Adam Sobel is poking fun at our collective dependency on the cupcake with his pork cupcakes. Only 20 are made each day, and they're not listed on the menu; this surreptitiousness has resulted in a wave of buzz in the blogosphere but a dearth of high-resolution images of the savory treat.

"They're a total spoof on the whole Georgetown Cupcake nonsense," said Sobel to Tom Sietsema of The Washington Post. The pork cupcakes are actually cheddar biscuits injected with shredded, smoked pork shoulder and topped with mustard butter. Will you try one of the Bourbon Steak pork cupcakes on your next visit to our nation's capital?

pork cupcakes


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Judy Rice's picture

How about a recipe?

James Coppedge's picture

Hi Judy,

Here is the link to the actual recipe: http://michaelmina.net/beyond/chef-recipes/bourbon-steak-dc-executive-chef-adam-sobel-summer-2011-pork-cupcake.pdf

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While it's not the actual recipe, if you've got a craving and can't make it to Bourbon Steak check out this similar one: http://www.foodista.com/post/8MK5NJTT/my-year-on-the-grill-redneck-cupcakes-what-to-do-with-a-gallon-of-pulled-pork-leftovers-day-2-redneck-cake