Exotic Ice Cream Flavors From a Master

June 17, 2011

Karl Heinz is a German-born expert ice cream maker who now lives in Dubai, and he's got a booming exotic ice cream business going called Empire Ice Cream. Hotels around the UAE are always looking for luxurious and exotic flavors for events and Heinz delivers. He'll make any flavor of ice cream from scratch, on demand with no minimum order. 

Take the cigar-flavored ice cream he made for an event to launch a new cigar line. Or the tomato, pumpkin and sweet balsamic vinegar ice creams he made for a dinner for 300 sheikhs held at the Emirates Palace hotel in Abu Dhabi. He's made ice creams with edible flowers, flakes with real gold and even ice cream from camel milk. Other exotic flavors include black sesame seed, chocolate chili, spicy honey, Arabic coffee, strawberry black pepper and red bean. 



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