Earnest Shackleton's Whiskey Video

June 24, 2011

Whiskey drinkers and polar exploration buffs around the world were enthralled by the 2010 retrieval Scotch bottles frozen in Antarctic ice. What makes these bottles extra special is that they once belonged to famed Explorer Sir Earnest Shackleton. Over a century old, this extremely rare spirit appeared to be perfectly preserved. The plan was to return some of it to the original distillery in Scotland for analysis and, assuming it still tasted good, an attempt to replicate the flavor profile. After a very slow process, dubbed the Great Whiskey Crate Thaw, at the Canturbury Museum in New Zeland, some was sent to Whyte & Mackay in Glasgow. Back in its homeland, the precious liquid underwent extensive chemical analysis, which revealed that it had been aged in American oak barrels. Only one person, master blender Richard Paterson, aka The Nose, was allowed to taste it for the purpsoses of creating a modern blended replica. This stunning video gives a wonderful view into the history and journey of this amazing liquor.


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