Dinner From The Garden - Crostada

July 7, 2011

Tonight's dinner was straight from the garden, with the exception of the mushrooms. Twice today on the Cooking Channel, different cooks showed their versions of crostadas. One savory and one sweet.

I was intrigued, mainly because it seemed like a great way to put together whatever was ready to harvest in the garden, and make a meal of it. That is exactly what I did. Check out my Savory Crostada With Chard, Mushroom and Onion. I stuffed the rest of the mushrooms as a side dish, because all my men were out doing yardwork all day and they needed a LOT of food to recover from it. 

Savory Crostada With Chard, Mushrooms and Onion on FoodistaSavory Crostada With Chard, Mushrooms and Onion

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shoshanna levy's picture

YAY! That's the ultimate LOCAL food.