Armed Guards to Patrol Newark Late-Night Restaurants

July 8, 2011

Violence at various Newark fast food restaurants has increased at such an alarming rate, the Newark City Council voted yesterday to require all late-night restaurants which serve less than 20 people at a time to post an armed security guard from 9:00 p.m. to closing.

Less than two months ago, off-duty, veteran police officer William Johnson was shot and killed waiting for a slice of pizza. Apparently the victim of a drive-by crossfire.

Restaurant owners and concerned about the pressure of the added expense. The City Council ordinance will go into effect unless Mayor Booker intervenes. His office has not commented on his intention. 

Do you agree with requiring late-night restaurants to post armed guards? Would that make you feel safer? Or do you disagree with forcing the restaurant owners to take on the added expense? 



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