The Quiznos Harvest Chicken Sandwich Appeals to Finer Palates

July 26, 2011

The Quiznos Harvest Chicken Sandwich is the sub-slinging chain's latest menu item meant to appeal to discerning palates. It's comprised of honey-dijon chicken, spring mix lettuce, pumpkin seeds, cucumbers, dried cranberries, apples and grapes dressed in acai vinaigrette and served with one of five artisan breads.

With the addition of the Quiznos Harvest Chicken Sandwich, Quiznos is positioning itself even further among health-conscious individuals. Would you try this sub?

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In a heartbeat!

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Sounds delicious!

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The sandwich is awesome! I love it! However to keep my carbs lower I opt for the salad! The harvest salad is great too. Try it you'll be glad you did!!