5th Grade Farmer Runs Own Market Biz

July 27, 2011

Garrett Williams is only 11, but he has already gone far beyond the concept of doing a few chores for your allowance. This 5th grader grows veggies on two and half acres, and then sells them weekly at his local farmers market.

Most people assume that Garrett works for his dad, who also happens to be a farmer. Although, dad does help him with some of the legal aspects such as insurance for his truck or signing documents, the business is truly Garrett's.

Instead of playing video games, he spends his free time weeding, marketing, selling, and growing quality produce. His parents have encouraged him to play sports and be a normal kid, but he is truly driven by his passion for farming.

Garrett has a vision of growing the business as much as it can, even after he leaves school. His parent's believe that he is unstoppable, and I would say that they are right.



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Where does this boy farmer live? What crops does he grow?