IFBC NOLA Welcomes Abita Beer!

August 4, 2011

abita beer

The Abita Brewery is pleased to welcome you to IFBC 2011 in New Orleans. Abita is Louisiana’s favorite brew and our beer sponsor this year. Founded 25 years ago and nestled in the piney woods north of New Orleans Abita brews full-flavored ales and lagers in small batches, hand- crafted by a team of dedicated workers with only the highest ideals of quality. These all natural brews are made with only the finest ingredients and the pure artesian water of Abita Springs. Abita Beer has no preservatives, additives or stabilizers and is cold filtered. The result is beer that is the finest and freshest tasting as proven by their loyal customers and great chefs of the south who use Abita Beer in their recipes.

To learn more about the Abita Brewery visit http://abita.com/
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Warren Bobrow's picture

I had a fabulous bottle of Abita while dining at Coop's Place during the Tales of the Cocktail a few short weeks ago..

Not only was the chicken out of this world delicious, but washing it down with an Abita beer was extra-special.