Kate Gosselin's Organic Diet Keeps her a Healthy Mom of 8

August 8, 2011

Kate Gosselin announced this morning on The Today Show that her 8 kids are encouraging her to find a new man and get remarried. For most moms of 8, this usually means a trip to the gym is in order. But with Gosselin's food and exercise regime, she doesn't have to worry about getting back in shape to re-enter the dating world. 

An avid fan of organic foods, Gosselin's daily diet is full of leafy greens and healthy meats.

For breakfast, Gosselin often opts for oatmeal or a mix of Cherrios and Raisin Bran. Her lunch tends to include a green salad topped with chicken or tuna and vinaigrette dressing. Her dinner is either boiled fish or a grilled chicken breast with a side of steamed vegetables. Even her snack choices are organic and nutritious, including fresh fruit, a cup of coffee or her choice of a popular Kashi snack.

Being a divorced mom of 8 kids doesn't leave much time for exercise, so it's a good thing Gosselin is such a healthy eater. Although, the reality star does say she tries to sneak some cardio in whenever she can.

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