Blog Crush - Nourished Kitchen

August 10, 2011

When you find a kindred spirit, it is always a good idea to keep them close. That is how I feel about today's blog crush: Nourished Kitchen. 

Not everyone is as obsessed with fermented foods, traditional foods and bringing the idea of healthy cooking - real healthy cooking, back into the kitchen as I am. Which is no surprise, as the main message today is that cooking is a chore, and we  need to do it as fast as possible to get back to whatever is calling us. Nourished Kitchen will change that way of thinking for you. 

If you enjoy cooking, and the wholesome goodness that food offers, then Nourished Kitchen is for you. 

Ok, enough with the blog love. Nourished Kitchen is also hosting a sweepstakes and you MUST enter! They are giving away a Cuisinart Ice cream maker, and you know how much you love ice cream! To enter, you simply give your name and email - That's it! The sweepstakes runs until August 30, so go enter!

Enter the Nourished Kitchen Sweepstakes

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