Buddhists Buy and Release 600 Pounds of Live Lobster Into the Wild

August 11, 2011

Over 530 live lobsters in Gloucester, Mass. -- weighing in at 600 pounds -- got a new lease on life last week when 30 Tibetan Buddhists bought them, blessed them and released them into the ocean. The stunt was orchestrated to celebrate Chokhor Duchen -- the anniversary of Buddha's first sermon, often called Wheel Turning Day and an occasion in which the aftereffects of good deeds are multiplied.

"Even if they get captured again, they've had a longer life," said participant Wendy Cook to Reuters. The group liberates lobsters about twice a year.

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Heather Grace's picture

I absolutely love this. I cringe everytime I walk past the lobster tank at the supermarker and see these poor creatures with their claws banded living in a tiny area compared to the ocean they're meant to roam.

Charley's picture

And I love to see 'em going headfirst into my pot of boiling water. Yum.