Reusable Farmers Market Bag - Chico Bags

August 14, 2011

I love bags. For some reason, I feel compelled to keep adding to my reusable grocery bag collection. When I go to the store or farmers market, there is a variety of shopping bags in the car, waiting to be filled. Not just for food, having reusable bags on hand are convenient for wet bathing suits, impromptu sleepovers, and one of my favorite things: Giving one to each child, for their treasures. They can fill a bag with whatever they want to do on long car trips. The bag keeps the amount of stuff to a manageable size, and each bag is different enough to suit each child. 

My latest bag is one from Chico Bags. What makes this bag unique, is that  it stuffs into an attached pouch, so you can clip it onto your keychain or tuck it into your purse. I like that it is made of nylon, so nothing stains or stick to it for long. A simple wash and then it hangs to dry in minutes.

The site says that they make a huge variety of bags, all fitting into their own pouch, check them out. 

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