How To Make Onigiri - Video

August 15, 2011

School is just around the corner here in Central Nebraska. Our homeschooling family doesn't go back quite this soon, but our thoughts and conversations often turn to school, since my children's friends are going back. 

I am still commited to doing bento as often as possible, and my favorite bento related channel; Cookingwithdog, has a cool video about  making Japanese rice balls. These rice balls, called onigiri,  seem to be a staple for most bento boxes. 


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Ann's picture

Does anyone know what a serving size is? It seems like an awful lot of white rice. I wonder if the taste would be adversely affected by using brown rice.

Amy Jeanroy's picture

Hi Ann - I am not sure that brown rice would work, because of the texture. We use brown rice for regular eating  here, and it is not as sticky, so wouldnt stay together. If you try it, please let us know!


Amy J

Noel Lynne Figart's picture

Yes, you can make onigiri with brown rice as long as you use short-grain japanese style rice. It's a bit more expensive, but certainly makes quite a tasty onigiri.

This bento I made has brown rice onigiri.

The average onigiri has about a half a cup of rice in it.