5 Fabulous Fruit Butters

August 16, 2011

There are two different ways of making fruit butter.  The first is to cook the fruit until it is thick and sticky.  This method doesn't use pectin but the mixture will set like jam.  The second method is combining butter with pureed fruit or fruit preserves.  No matter which fruit butter you decide to make, they will be delicious on anything from toast, to yogurt, or even a muffin.

Spiced Peach Butter
Fragrant spices like cinnamon make this peach butter stand out.

Raspberry Butter
Raspberry preserves are mixed with a stick of butter to make the perfect breakfast spread.

Plum Apple Butter
Traditional apple butter is combined with summer plums to make a delicious fruit butter.

Passion Fruit Butter
The intense flavor of passion fruit will bring any baked good to life.

Blueberry Lavender Butter
This fruit butter is made low and slow in a crock-pot.

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