Celebrity Chef Tyler Florence Sued Over Baby Food

August 16, 2011

The Jane Goodall Institute is suing celebrity chef, Tyler Florence's baby food brand, Sprout.

The Jane Goodall Institute says Sprout owes them $720,000 for a baby food line called Janey Baby that never made it into stores, even though Goodall herself did her part to make Janey Baby a success.

"Despite Dr. Goodall's obligations that keep her on the road for approximately 300 days out of the year, Dr. Goodall herself traveled to Oregon in October 2010 to make a personal appearance with Sprout at its organic supplier farm for the purpose of generating promotional materials for the Licensed Products that Sprout was to sell under the Agreement," the complaint reads. 

But Sprout isn't giving up hope just yet. They say that even though they are in a court battle, they will still consider working with the Jane Goodall Institute again. Sprout says they have "begun discussions with the Institute concerning a revised relationship that would be of substantial benefit to both parties."


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