5 Marvelous Mocktail Recipes

August 17, 2011

These mocktail recipes pack punch, without the addition of alcohol.  They are flavorful, colorful, and beautiful.  Mocktails can be as delicious as a traditional cocktail.  These are especially good drinks to serve at parties with kids or pregnant women. Try one of these recipes at your next summer get-together.

Pineapple Limeade Cooler
This refreshing cooler is designed to help you beat the heat.

Cran-Raspberry Mocktail
Use frozen raspberries to act as ice cubes.

Guava Spritzer
The smell of guava is sweet and inviting, you'll just want to take a drink.

Blueberry Pomegranate Mocktail
This beverage includes pomegranate juice and soda, white grape juice and blueberries.

Orange Ecstasy
The addition of vanilla ice cream makes this mocktail creamy and extra special.


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Alicia Minato's picture

look so refreshing... here at Asia so hot... i wonder if you can make me a glass of it.... :)

henryjackle smith's picture

It looks very yummy and i really want to drink it for check its taste.