Profane Sandra Lee Outtakes Resurface

August 22, 2011

A video of Sandra Lee outtakes from "Semi-Homemade Cooking" is making the Internet rounds this afternoon, and the clip offers a much more human version of the Food Network personality than the perfect party host that's portrayed on television. After flubbing a few lines, Lee expresses her frustration with a few choice curse words, groping herself in jest at one point.

The Sandra Lee outtakes appear below. Does the video change your opinion of the "Semi-Homemade" star?

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Leslie's picture

I love it! It totally makes her real. You go, Sandra! LOLOL

Gina's picture

I love it! Makes her more like the rest of us, lol! Love her show so this doesn't change my mind in the least; no one is perfect.

Elizabeth's picture

Wow, she grabbed her own chest jokingly and said SH**. When she was frustrated...big whoop.
If people have a problem with that they should probably crawl back into their caves!
Guess what people???? People on TV are just like you and me. They aren't gods and goddesses they are human just like us.
So throw away your gossip magazines and get a life!!

Pam's picture

Love her! Always have!

SusieQTpies's picture

LOL I loved that she said she wanted all the outtakes! U rock Sandra Lee :)

Dennis's picture

Gotta love a TV personality who doesn't take herself too seriously! Love it!

Sandee's picture

Love it and love her. I'd hate to have people following me around with a camera all day. No telling what my outtakes would show!

Concrete resurfacing's picture

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