6 Sweet Sets of Disney Princess Cake Pops

August 23, 2011

These Disney princess cake pops are all by Kimberlee Robinson of the Cake Pop Shoppe. Whether your favorite princess is Cinderella or Belle, Robinson has you covered with 12 appropriately themed bite-sized cake pops made in one of nine combinations of cake and frosting. Which of these is your favorite?

1. The Little Mermaid Cake Pops: This set of cake pops features Ariel, her nemesis Ursula, and friends Sebastian and Flounder.

disney princess cake pops

2. Beauty and the Beast Cake Pops: This set of cake pops features Belle, Beast, a shimmering red rose and the Disney princess' signature yellow gown.

disney princess cake pops

3. Snow White Cake Pops: This cake pop set includes Snow White, Dopey, the princess' blue and yellow gown, and a bright red apple.

disney princess cake pops

4. Cinderella Cake Pops: This set of 12 cake pops features Cinderella, her light blue gown, her glass slipper and a perfect pumpkin.

disney princess cake pops

5. Tinkerbell Cake Pops: These cake pops include Tinkerbell, her green gown and wings, a flower and her wand.

disney princess cake pops

6. Aladdin Cake Pops: This set of Disney princess cake pops features Jasmine, Aladdin, the Genie and Magic Carpet.

Disney princess cake pops

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I just saw that you had written about my princess pops. i just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing them. I would love to work with you more if you ever need any pops done for an event etc. I'm in the process opening up a website at www.cakepopmyheart.com but am still taking orders. I can be reached at cakepopmyheart@yahoo.com and I am also now on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Cake-Pop-My-Heart/195450113882381