KFC Australia Removes Toys From Children's Meals to Stop "Pester Power"

August 24, 2011

KFC Australia is removing toys from children's meals at all 600 of its locations. "This is the next step in removing so-called pester power at our stores altogether," said Zac Rich, the corporate affairs manager at KFC. "We hope this decision today will support parents in making dietary decisions on behalf of their children which aren't influenced in any way by pressure to choose the meal that has a toy.

The corporate move comes just after a recent study that found 74 percent of parents were "concerned" about fast food promotions that center on toys. The topic of fast food toys has been a controversial one in the U.S., with several cities moving to ban toys from McDonald's meals that don't meet preestablished nutritional requirements. Do you think KFC Australia's toy ban is a wise move?

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