Arizona Restaurant Offers 9/11 Sushi

September 2, 2011

A restaurant in Phoenix, Arizona is taking some major heat for placing a "9/11 Remberance Roll" on their menu. Stingray Sushi placed a roll filled with "spicy crab, avocado, and asparagus topped with tuna and whitefish" on their menu with 50% of proceeds going to the Phoenix and Scottsdale Firefighter Associations

Seems like a horrible way of raising money for a good cause. It gets worse when the owner explains the thought process behind the roll. “’Roll’ is an item on any sushi menu but  in the case of this remembrance it also was the heart of a now famous phrase used by Todd Beamer as he rushed the cockpit on Flight 93 to foil another airline strike on an American institution. We hope as many people as possible will do as he said that day: ‘Let’s roll.’ Sales will benefit terrific causes and is one small way we can say never forget ten years later,” Greg Donnally, owner of Stingray Sushi, said in a press release

For what it's worth, the firefighter associations seem to support the stunt. “Fateful. Frightening. Unforgettable. That’s what 9/11 was for every firefighter. We sincerely appreciate a local company like Stingray Sushi remembering the sacrifices of that day in a way that will help other lives in the future,” said Pete Gorraiz, President of the United Phoenix Firefighter’s Association. 

To the firefighters out there: we sincerely appreciate all that you do for us, your sacrifices and your dedication. We would like to support you. Attaching "9/11" to a sushi restaurant in Arizona is not the way to do that. 

Oh, little American flags accompany any order of the rolls. 

What do you think of this special roll? 

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AK's picture

I don't agree at all. I think they're honoring the men and women who were lost to us that day and giving back in their name, to those who remain and continue with the same purpose. If I lived in driving distance, I'd go out of my way to try that roll! I also just "liked" Stingray Sushi, without ever trying it, just to help get their name out there to my friends in AZ.

Valorie's picture

Seriously overreacting. Someone is trying to do something supportive and generous in their own way and people have to dissect it and shoot it down.
For everyone who wants to much have you donated?

Rhonda's picture

I agree