1950s Men Were Jerks About Coffee

September 3, 2011

Somebody put together this compilation of clips from the 1950s where men insult their wives' coffee. Men were real jerks. [h/t Boing Boing]

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We must remember...these were COMMERCIALS. It was the advertising industry who went this route to sell (mainly Folgers) coffee. These commercial clips are not a true depiction of men and how they treated or talked to their wives.

Actually I think the men were more victimized in the commercials because the advertisers made the men look bad or discontent. An unhappy husband spurred the housewives to (out of fear) rush out and buy something to make their husband happy. In looking back it was really bad advertising, although I believe even today Folgers is number one in coffee sales.

It was, however, a time when women focused more on pleasing their husbands, therefore would purchase items (including coffee) if they thought it pleased their hubbies.

Cynthia Briggs, Cookbook Author